February 7th – February 16th, 2020 – Registration opens November 12th!  


Welcome to the Dreamland Stage Company production of
Frozen! We look forward to a successful production with your
We are excited you are participating in our
signature program designed for students 7 to 18
who possess a strong interest in the performing
arts. Dreamland Stage Company members will
work with our team of teaching artists who have
experience working in children’s theater
education and professionally. Below you will find
frequently asked questions, and other
information you will find helpful. We look forward to working with you!
As long as your child has registered for Frozen, they are assured a spot in
the production! Auditions will take place the week of December 10th to
determine the role your child will play. When you registered in Active, you
were given the option to select an audition time. Please be sure you have
both registered and selected an audition slot.
Frequently asked questions:
Is daily, full attendance mandatory?
All of our Dreamland productions are cumulative, and consistent
attendance ensures the best experience for all of our participants.
Where does Dreamland Stage Company rehearse?
Dreamland programs are held in our Dreamland studios and on our Main
Stage as well as the Great Room at the Congregational Church and Haddon
Hall at The Music Center. Both of these locations are up the street on
Centre. You will be informed of all rehearsal locations prior to attendance.
Does my child need to bring snacks?
Yes, we ask that your child pack healthy
snacks and plenty of water. We ask that
you include only nut free items.
What should my child wear to
Please ensure your child wears closed
toed shoes at all times , and comfortable
clothes to move/dance in. Soft-soled
sneakers or tennis shoes are acceptable.
Does my child need to supply their
own costume?
Participants may be asked to supply
shoes, and base pieces, such as leggings,
pants, or tights. Our costume mistress
will advise several weeks prior to
production as the particular needs of your
child’s role.
When are rehearsals?
We will hold a company informational meeting for parents and participants
on Tuesday, December 17th in our studio theatre from 3-4:30pm. At this
time, students will be given their scripts and we will review the rehearsal
schedule, code of conduct, etc. The typical rehearsal schedule for Frozen is
Monday – Friday from 3-6pm with additional rehearsals for some cast
members on Saturdays from 1:00PM-4:00PM. We begin rehearsals on
Tuesday, January 7th. Our hours will extend/ vary during tech week (the
week prior to opening), when our hours will extend: Theatre Tech Week:
Tech and Dress Rehearsals are Saturday, February 1st, 1-4pm, Monday
February 3rd 3-7, Tuesday, February 4th 3-7, Wednesday, February 5th 3-7,
and – Thursday, February 6th 3-7. All tech/dress rehearsals and
performances are mandatory and may, therefore, only be missed in the case
of the most extreme illness or emergency.
What is Frozen about?
Frozen JR. is based on the 2018 Broadway musical, and brings Elsa, Anna,
and the magical land of Arendelle to life, onstage. The show features all of
the memorable songs from the animated film, with music and lyrics by
Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, plus five new songs written for
the Broadway production. A story of true love and acceptance between
sisters, Frozen JR. expands upon the emotional relationship and journey
between Princesses Anna and Elsa. When faced with danger, the two
discover their hidden potential and the powerful bond of sisterhood. With a
cast of beloved characters and loaded with magic, adventure, and plenty of
humor, Frozen JR. is sure to thaw even the coldest heart!
Is there a parent meeting, and may I volunteer to assist with the
The Parent Meeting is at 3pm on Monday, December 17th and is part of the
Informational Meeting noted above. At the parent/guardian meeting, we
will discuss opportunities for volunteers to help in various production
capacities on this production. Our greatest need – hearty souls to assist
backstage to keep order in the court, and… a volunteer group to plan,
organize and host the cast party. Parent, guardian, and family member
volunteerism is not required for a student to participate in the production,
but it helps us with cast safety, spirit and is HUGELY appreciated.
Tell me about the audition process!
The audition and casting process is vitally important to the success of every
production. Casting is so important! It is often stated that 75 percent of
directing is casting – and it’s true. The Dreamland Stage Company
philosophy focuses on the individual growth of each actor, while balancing
a collaborative learning experience with a professional quality production.
Casting depends on a wide variety of factors and the final result works like
an intricate puzzle. Therefore, it is essential that students and parents
understand that, while auditioners may not get the particular role they may
want, every role is CRUCIAL to the success of the production! As teaching
artists, we are charged with matching each student with a role best suited
for his or her skills, talents, and experience. It takes every role in the
script to tell the story and every role is important, regardless of
perceived size. There is as much to be learned (and as much fun to be
had) as a member of the ensemble or in a featured role as there is in playing
the lead.
Audition Songs:
? Love is an Open Door – measures 5-23
? In Summer – Measures 3-23
? Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Measures 4-20
? For the First Time in Forever measures 15-58
? Dangerous To Dream – Measures 12-46
? Let It Go. – Measures 8-50
Your child should choose one of the above songs that they can confidently
sing, ideally from memory and with the PERFORMANCE TRACK (minus
recorded vocals), located in the google drive. They need not sing the song
in its entirety, and instead sing the number of bars indicated above for the
audition! A “bar” of music is the notes contained in the vertical lines of the
sheet music. See the link in the google drive for “how to count measure
Please note, those interested in the role of adult Elsa should be familiar
with First Time, Dangerous To Dream, and Let It Go as we may ask for a
portion of the other songs.
All music, including rehearsal and performance tracks, may be found in the
google drive link.
Transparent Auditions: We are committed to providing educational
building blocks throughout the audition process and production, and the
transparent, or open audition approach encourages students to self
evaluate their skills in relationship to their peers. We believe this method is
crucial in the growth of the young student performer, and found that
students, when allowed this opportunity, often make the same casting
choices as the director! This does not mean there will not be some
disappointment, but we are sure there will be a lot less.
How should my child prepare for auditions?
The Google Drive – Frozen Cast link below contains all the materials your
child will need to prepare.
The Frozen Script Tab contains the libretto, or script from the show! The
acting portion will take place at call-backs.
What is a callback?
A callback is a second round of auditions that are by invitation only. This
means that once the first auditions are over, some students might be “called
back” to audition again. During the callback we are narrowing down our
choices, pairing up different characters and determining which groups of
students work the best together, both vocally and physically. However, it’s
important to know that not receiving a callback does not mean you are not
cast or that you will not be offered a good role. Often a director or casting
agent will spot “the one” they want for a part and not call anyone back for
that role. So essentially you can never know exactly what we’re thinking –
you can only do your best! Callbacks will take place on December 12th from
What is “Double Casting?”
Double casting a role means two actors will rehearse and perform the same
part at different performances. Double casting allows us to showcase a
greater number of performers in featured speaking and singing roles.
Ensemble roles may also be double cast.
When are the Performances?
Fri, Feb 07 –
Sat, Feb 08
Sun, Feb 9
Fri, Feb 14
Sat, Feb 16
Sun, Feb 17
Additional, important information:
Commitment: It is, of course, preferred that each cast member is available
for every rehearsal. That said, we acknowledge that people have a lot going
on and need to fit this production into already busy schedules. Not every
student will be called (required to attend) every rehearsal. Our stage
manager will publish a detailed schedule taking students’ conflicts into
account. Students will be asked to put their schedule conflicts on the
audition form. When a student is cast, the theatre agrees to work with all
conflicts indicated on the back of the audition form.
Additional conflicts not disclosed at the time of auditions may lead to
dismissal from the production without a refund of tuition.
There may be instances where a student’s availability affects casting
decisions. All tech and dress rehearsals as well as performances are
mandatory and may, therefore, only be missed in the case of the most
extreme illness or emergency.
Use of Images: Permission to use students’ images in promotional materials
(including but not limited to all printed and digital publications in still or
video format) is implicit in your agreement to participate in this
production. Please note the photograph and/or video using the students’
likeness is property of the Dreamland Stage Company and may be edited,
altered, exhibited, published, and distributed for the purpose of publicizing
this or any other DSC program in perpetuity, and that there will be no
compensation of any kind for the use of these images.
Tuition: The fee to participate is $200.00 and registration on ACTIVE is
required prior to participation in the production. In addition, you will
receive 2 complimentary tickets for performances, a keepsake
script and access to digital photos taken at dress rehearsal.
Dreamland Stage Company invites our young artists to hone their
capabilities and strengths as performers; work with other talented students,
and stage a full-scale musical production.
Being in a show is an exciting adventure and we strive to encourage each
actor to be their best selves. This year’s production of Frozen invites each
young artist to become the quintessential “triple threat” as we engage all
three disciplines: acting, singing and dance, at every rehearsal. Each young
artist will be an active participant throughout the process.
Now, on with the show!