SpongeBob Musical Extended Day
Education Program

We are excited to announce our SpongeBob Musical Extended Day
Education Program! We are thrilled to partner with Maria Mitchell Association and
Massachusetts Alliance Services to offer this complimentary activity for our SpongeBob
Students will extend their learning of the musical SpongeBob from the stage to the
community through hands-on activities and projects as they explore the ecosystems of
Nantucket. Please note, along with our teaching artists, participants will walk to and
from Maria Mitchell Aquarium, and visit two beaches (non-swimming activity) via van
transportation. The program will begin and end at Dreamland for pick-up.
The program runs July 24th – August 7th, M- F from 2 – 4 pm immediately following
rehearsal and includes a presentation reception on Saturday August 5th 2pm in the
Harbor View Room.
This program is currently open to SpongeBob,The Musical participants only.*
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Dreamland Kids frequently asked questions:

I’ve never been to a Dreamland Camp program before– is that OK?
Yes. Dreamland Children’s Theatre offers exciting programming for both returning
participants and newcomers.
Is daily, full attendance mandatory?
All of our Dreamland programming is cumulative, and consistent attendance ensures
the best experience for all of our participants.
Where does SpongeBob IRL take place?
Participants will explore the beaches of Nantucket in non-swimming activities, as well as
visit Maria Mitchell Aquarium. The program will begin and end at Dreamland.
Does my child need to bring snacks and lunch?
Yes, we ask that your child pack either lunch and/or healthy snacks and plenty of water.
We ask that you include only nut free items. Please note, the lobby concessions are
NOT available for campers.
What should my child wear to Camp?
SpongeBob IRL participants may wear whatever they are most comfortable in, noting
that they will be required to walk to Maria Mitchell Aquarium. In addition, participants will
visit nearby beaches, so they may remove shoes during that time.
Where do I pick up my child?
Please come inside to the lobby to sign your child out with the Camp Administrator, and
to receive daily updates.
What time is the final presentation?
The Final Saturday, August 5th, at 2pm in the Harbor View Room.
How will Dreamland observe state and local health protocols?
The Dreamland reopened its doors in March of 2021, and has a Covid Officer onsite to ensure health
and safety for all who attend, participate in or work at The Dreamland. We will continue
to follow the most current guidelines as dictated by our state and local requirements.

Additional, important information:

Use of Images: Permission to use students’ images in promotional materials (including
but not limited to all printed and digital publications in still or video format) is implicit in
your agreement to participate in this production.
Please note the photograph and/or video using the students’ likeness is property of the
Dreamland Stage Company and may be edited, altered, exhibited, published, and
distributed for the purpose of publicizing this or any other DSC program in perpetuity,
and that there will be no compensation of any kind for the use of these images. We look
forward to an exciting summer learning and performing at The Dreamland!

For any questions, please contact sassy@nantucketdreamland.org